Friday, November 25, 2011

ACCESS Student Recruitment Call

ACCESS a new national community of students and supervisors, all working in different scientific fields in our unique and globally recognised natural laboratory for the study of Earth Systems. ACCESS is recruiting post-graduate students (honours, masters and doctoral) from several disciplines of natural and physical science to join its exciting initiative!
ACCESS is a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary programme, partnering with various South African universities and key research agencies. As an NRF Centre of Excellence, ACCESS, together with its partners, aims to deliver a new scale of intervention in Earth Systems Science in southern Africa within the scope of the Department of Science and Technology’s Global Change Grand Challenge.
- Eligibility criteria:
Applicants who have a research interest within or related to one of the following disciplines are invited to apply:
• Earth Systems Modelling and Biochemical Cycles
• Seasonal/Inter-annual Climate Predictability
• Water Resources Dynamics
• Urban and Rural Land Cover and Land Use
• Ecosystem Services and Livelihoods
• Long-term Climate and Impacts
• Marine and Coastal, Estuarine Systems.

- Application deadline
All applications for 2012 must be submitted for consideration before 28 November 2011

For more information, download the brochure of the call.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Urgent: Exclusive YES Meeting tonight moderated from Morocco!

Join us today in an exclusive online YES meeting moderated from EL Jadida, Morocco where the First International Conference on African and Arabian Geoparcs is taking place!
YES members present on site will report the conference progress and the YES activities planned on site.
Make sure to add "yes.morocco" to your skype list so that we can will add you to the conversation.
The meeting will start at 10pm GMT.
We're looking forward to have many YES members participating, we need your ideas to make the YES presence in the conference a success!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Learning Geology in 3D - Visible Geology online!

Last year I saw a poster that Rowan Cockett from University of Calgary presented about his educational structural geology software that he developed at the AGU 2010 Fall Meeting (See the blogpost here).

Rowan has just finished putting the bulk of the software on the web and is looking for feedback from the geoscience community on this software so he can tune it and refine it. The software is free, and you can give it a test drive at:

You can contact Rowan through the website from the homepage by clicking on the button that says "Contact".

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2012: Call for Abstracts on Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Geosciences

YES Network members are call to submit their abtract (s) for the upcoming European Geoscience Union General Assembly that will take place in Vienna, Austria from the 22-27 April 2012. One of the session during this conference is TS4.5 Geodynamics of Collisional type orogenic belts and its response to climate and erosional process-Himalaya, Karakoram and Tibet. For more information about the above session  please contact Dr. Soumyajit Mukherjee at  and also follow this link .

Important dates
Abstract submission  deadline 17 January 2012, 24:00 CET
Financial support  deadline 15 December 2011, 24:00 CET