Wednesday, May 20, 2015

4th International Geoscience & Geomatics Conference 23rd - 25th November 2015, Manama, Bahrain

In Collaboration with the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain, the Arab Remote Sensing and GIS Organisation (ARGISO) is pleased to announce the 4th International Geoscience and Geomatics Conference.

 An internationally renowned Keynote speakers in the field of Remote Sensing will be holding discussion on several topics , namely, Professor Alfredo Huete (University of Technology, Sydney), Professor Mazlan Hashim (University of Technology Malaysia).
The Conference provides a platform for professionals, researchers and student from all over the world to exchange new findings and advances in this field.

It aims to cover all aspects on scientific and technical advances in the field of Geoscience and Geomatics ranging from the integration of instruments, methodologies and technologies to their use in environmental sciences, engineering and other natural sciences. in addition, the 2nd International ASD Users meeting will be held alongside the conference.

The Board of Scientific Committee of the 4th International Geoscience and Geomatics Conference:
Head of Scientific Committee
Professor Abderrazak Bannari, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

Members of Scientific Committee:
Professor Mazlan Hashim, Institut of Geospatial Science and Technology, Malaysia
Dr Riadh Abdelfattah, Ecole Superieur des Communicatiopns de Tunis, Tunis
Dr Hassan Rhinane, University Hassan-II, Morocco
Dr Sabah Al-Jenaid, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
Dr Abdelgadir Abulgasim, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates
Dr Jan Friesen, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany
Dr Mohammad alsahli, Kuwait University, Kuwait
Dr Abderrahman El-Fouladi, Geo- Planete Solutions Inc., Canada
Dr Wisam Mohammed, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Dr Yassine Charabi, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Dr Nadeem Hashem, Environmental Studies Center, Qatar
Dr. Mohamed AlFarhan, Head of Remote Sensing Center, KACST, Saudi Arabia


Researchers can submit their papers on the following topics:
• Remote Sensing Applications In Agriculture
• Remote Sensing Applications In Soil sciences
• Remote Sensing Applications In Geology
• Remote Sensing Applications In Geography
• Remote Sensing Applications In Hydrology
• Image processing
• Remote Sensing Applications In Environmental
• Remote Sensing Applications In Hazard and Natural Disaster Monitoring
• Remote Sensing Applications In Land use and land cover
• Remote Sensing and GIS
• Remote Sensing and Climate Change

Important Dates:
Deadline Submission of Abstracts :May 30, 2015
Notification of acceptance: June 15, 2015
Full papers submission: September 15, 2015
Geoscience and Geomatics  Conference: November 23rd-25th, 2015

For more information please go to the following site:

Monday, May 18, 2015

IUGS Heritage Stone Task Group: Available Support for YES to attend GSA 2015

The Heritage Stone Task Group (HSTG) of the International Union of GeologicalSciences (IUGS) is supporting young earth scientists (YES) to attend the GSA conference this year in Baltimore.

In the frame of the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP 637), HSTG is offering a financial support up to $US2000 to YES. Recipients will also be expected to make a conference presentation in the HSTG session, related to natural stones, architectonic heritage and related issues during the GSA meeting.
The support targets also women scientists and scientists from developing countries.

Those interested should send a message showing interest and a short cv, with a potential title for the contribution in the HSTG session, to the HSTG secretary general Barry Cooper:

Applications will be received up to 30 June 2015.

Friday, May 8, 2015

YES Network DRC: CESG Celebrates Earth Science Day 2015

The YES Network D.R. Congo Chapter celebrated this year Earth Science Day under the theme:

“Water and its role in the development and stability of the Democratic Republic of Congo”

We share with you a report of this event made by:
 Byamungu Mayange Tomple 
(YES Network-Democratic Republic of Congo section and Geologist of CEGS, email: tomplemayange[at]

The Center of Expertise and Geological Survey (CEGS) co-organizes the “International Day of the Earth Sciences in Africa and the Middle East” in Goma/DR Congo at University of Goma on 20 March 2015 together with the YES Chapter in DR Congo/North Kivu.

The Center of Expertise and Geological Survey (CEGS) is a scientific non-governmental organization. CEGS is a regional survey office and its main objective is to study the geological environments in order to inform the population on the challenges bound to them.  

It is in the scope of celebrating the International Day of the Earth Sciences in Africa and the Middle East commemorated every 19-20-21 March that CEGS with its partners (among them the IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics) organized a conference in Goma (DR Congo) on 20 March on the theme: "Water and its role in the development and stability of the Democratic Republic of Congo", in particular, about the strategies to make the consumption in safe water accessible to all.

  1. Global objective of the conference
    Informing the participants on the potentiality in water usage in the DR Congo and the role of Earth sciences in the resolution of the problem of water deficiency in Africa.. 
  2. Specific objectives
    - To make know the wealth in water of the DR Congo.
    - To bring up the geologist's role facing the water management.
    - To think about the enhancement of the water resources of this vast country.
    - To motivate colleagues about the environmental and biodiversity protection.
The activity have been organized from 12h30 to 15h30.

Here the three under-themes dealt with and the relative speakers:  

- Role, place and the future of the earth sciences in the Great Lakes Region.
(Prof. Robert Wazi Nandefo, professor at the Department of Geology, University of ROUEN, France, University of GOMA, DR Congo and Chairman of CESG-DR Congo)

Prof. Robert Wazi (chairman of CEGS-DR Congo)
Prof Wazi Nandefo started his speech defining geology and talking about its different topics. He mentioned the multiple stakes bound to water policy in the world specifying the potentiality of water management of the DR Congo. He talked about the role played by hydrogeologists in the water management in the Great Lakes Region. The discovery of water sources, the good management of this georesource depends inevitably by geoscientists. So they must work in a collaborative way, following ethical beahviours, in order to guarantee an effective water management in this region.
- The potentialities in water management of the DR Congo: challenges in water accessibility and desertification in Africa.
(Prof. Pigeon Kambale Mahuka, Coordinator of the survey office of the North Kivu Provincial Parliament).

Prof. Kambale Mahuka
Prof Kambale Mahuka started showing that the peace is the fundamental element for the life of human communities, nevertheless water can be an element of potential confict between communities that undermines the peace. He spoke mainly about the international relationships between countries about the water supply and the international laws regulating the water management; he reminded also the strategic role played by the DR Congo in this important issue. He underlined that the Congolese state must respect the following five international principles: the principle of the non-prejudicial use of the national territory, the principle of the diligence and vigilance, the principle of the the cooperation, the principle of the polluter-pays and the precaution principle. For each of these principles Prof Kambale Mahuka illustrated examples. He concluded his intervention saying that the States must maintain pacific relations, being aware that water can represent a potential reason for the outbreak of wars.

- Water and its role in the development and stability of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
(Mr Etienne Nyami, responsible of the production and quality service in the national water office REGIDESO)

Mr. Etienne Nyami

Mr Nyami underlined how water is indispensable for life, then he talked about the role of water supply in the economic development of the DR Congo. About a possible "third world war due to water", Mr Etienne said that is important to develop a solidaristic and optimistic approach avoiding pessimistic views in order to solve problems.

At the end of the conference the following recommendations came from the speakers.

To the national, regional and international organizations:
- continuing the support to the water sector facing multiple challenges;
- acting in synergy so that reaching more impact and success;
- financing local initiatives for the development;
- recruiting geologists in their relative projects on water.

To the REGIDESO for:
- increasing efforts in water provision to the whole city of Goma;
- analyzing permantly the quality of water for a safe consumption by the population;
- thinking on new sources of water catchment for the peripheries of Goma;
- recruiting geologists in its services.

CEGS and YES Network members before the conference.

- continuing to organize such activities in the future.
- Working in partnership with other national and international organizations acting in the same field of intervention;
- making more aware the population about the geological and environmental challenges;
- assuring the intensification and the diversification of actions for the development of the water sector.

YES Network Namibia Chapter on National TV!

The YES Network Namibian Chapter was invited to national TV to talk about the YES Network goals and the activities of the chapter.

Watch them in the video below and follow them on their social media platforms to know more about their projects and activities; and of course, don't forget to get involved!

Subscribe to their blog here :

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Design the New YES Network Flyer!

Hello YES members!
As the YES Network is transitioning to a new phase, we are looking for someone to design the new flyer of the network. It is meant to be displayed online and at the hand of any YES member wishing to advertize the YES Network and its values.

If you are interested and have some graphic design skills, kindly contact us at networkyes.communications[at] for more details.
We're looking forward to hearing from you, Geoartists!

The Communications Support Team