Saturday, May 19, 2012

AGI Launches GeoWord of the Day

In celebration of the release of the revised 5th edition Glossary of Geology for the Kindle and Nook platforms, the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) has started a free GeoWord of the Day service.

The GeoWord of the Day is a fun and convenient way to learn a new geoscience term every day. Each morning (US ET) the service will highlight a new word or term featured in the Glossary of Geology, ensuring daily authoritative terms and definitions for years to come. Users may choose to receive the GeoWord of Day directly through email by subscribing online at

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The YES Network is hosting ELECTIONS FOR THE 2012-2014 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE! Voting is NOW OPEN!

The YES Network is hosting ELECTIONS FOR THE 2012-2014 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE!  Voting is NOW OPEN! Please see below for important information and instructions!

When can I vote?
YES Network Election Voting is NOW OPEN through May 25th at 22:00 GMT. To vote for your new Executive Committee Members go to:  Please take advantage of this opportunity to vote for your new Executive Leaders!

Who is eligible to vote?
Those YES Network members who joined the organization on or before February 10th, 2012.

How do I vote?
Go to the voting website ( hosted by the American Geosciences Institute and follow the instructions.  You will need your YES Network ID and Password to start the voting process.  If you became a YES member after February 10th, 2012, you are ineligible to vote.  Each YES Member will only be able to vote ONCE in this round of elections.  Once your vote is submitted, you will be able to print your selections for your own records.

How do I obtain my YES Network ID and Password?
Please visit the YES Membership Login webpage ( and enter in your information.  Membership Services will respond to your request before the end of the voting period. Use your YES ID and Password to vote.

Who can I vote for?
All nominees who are running for Executive positions have written  Letters of Intent for all YES Members to view.  These letters explain why the candidate is running for the position and his/her 2-year plan for the YES Network if voted into the Executive Committee.  Please carefully read each statement prior to voting. Letters of intent can be found at:

How will nominations be determined?
Nominations for the 2010-2014 Executive Committee are reviewed by the YES Election Committee.  The Election Committee is composed of current and past Executive Members who are not standing for re-election: Joanne Venus (Outgoing President), David Govoni (Past President), Heather Houlton (YES Membership Services/Webmaster) and Current and Past Executive Members: Michelle Cooper, Sarah Gaines, Eliakim Kagimbo, Luca Micucci, Elyvin Nkhonjera and Syed Ajijur Rahman.

Please take part of this exciting opportunity!

YES Executive Committee