Monday, May 17, 2010

Keep Current on Geoscience Issues!

The American Geological Institute publishes a series of data briefs and webinars, called Geoscience Currents, about geoscience workforce issues. The Geoscience Currents also represent data collaborations with other societies, employers, and professionals, and some of these publications are authored by members of the international geoscience community.

Recent Geoscience Currents topics include diversity in the geosciences (both occupations and degrees), updates on geoscience enrollments and degrees conferred in the U.S., mega-trends in the Australian mining industry, and geoscience salary and employment trends.

Geoscience Currents Discussion webinars provide a forum where members of the geoscience community can discuss the information on the most recent Geoscience Currents with the authors. Participation in these webinars is free.

Visit to get more information about AGI's Geoscience Currents data briefs and webinars.

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