Thursday, July 29, 2010

YES-Africa 2011 - Abstracts deadline: 10 August 2010

Remember to submit your abstracts for the YES-Africa 2011 Symposium by 10 August 2010.

Abstracts are being accepted for the following major themes:
  • Earth’s Resources and Sustainable Development of Africa
  • Post Gondwana Geodynamics of Africa
  • Environmental Geology and Geohazards (Natural Hazards vs. Man-made Hazards)
Additionally, there will be the following two round table sessions at the YES-Africa 2011 Symposium:
  • Natural Hazards in Africa: Climate change, earthquakes, landslides, hydrological hazards, etc.
  • Creating Local and Regional Professional Development Resources for Young and Early-Career Geoscientists
Visit the YES Network's website ( for more information about these sessions and about the YES-Africa 2011 symposium.

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