Monday, August 15, 2011

Join the YES Network's free web-cast session at GSA 2011!

The YES Network is convening GSA Session 215: "T.171 Developing the Global Geoscientist through International Geoscience Networks and Research Projects"

This session will be broadcast via web-cast, and web-based participation is free. Find the session's schedule and register as a web-based participant on the YES Network website:

This session will focus on best practices for cultivating global geoscientists through the use of international geoscience networks and cutting-edge technologies and the development of international research projects from these international networks. This session also highlights the Geoscientists Without Borders® program and its associated projects, including the logistics of establishing projects and the impact the program and projects have made.

Session Chairs: Leila Gonzales, Sophie J. Hancock
Co-sponsoring Organizations:GSA Geoscience Education Division; YES Network; American Geological Institute; Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation; GSA Geophysics Division; Society of Economic Geologists

Thank you to the SEG Foundation and the American Geological Institute for making the session web-cast possible.

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