Monday, October 10, 2011

GSA Careers Networking Luncheon - A HUGE Success!

The YES Network co-organized the Geoscience Careers Networking Luncheon with the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and the Geological Society of America (GSA) at the GSA 2011 meeting. Thank you to AGI, GSA and ConocoPhillips for their generous contributions to the event.

We had a total of 241 students (56% Bachelor's, 23% Master's, 19% Doctorates). Five of these students were in high school. Students were from 110 different universities with 24 of those universities outside of the US (19- Canada, 2- Turkey, 1-Nigeria, 1-Australia, and 1-Argentina).

Students networked with 47 US and non-US based geoscience professionals from the following sectors:
Oil & Gas
Minerals exploration
Environmental consulting
Federal Government
State Government
Scientific Instrumentation

Students chatted with professionals and landed job interviews, internships, and found out about a variety of jobs in different business sectors outside of academia. Overall the response from students and geoscience professionals was overwhelmingly positive!

If you were at the luncheon today, please tell us what you thought!


  1. As one of the professionals, I was very pleased with the opportunity to chat with the amazing students that participated. It was very well managed! No one wanted to leave.