Monday, February 13, 2012

IGC-YES Symposium 2012 in Brisbane, Australia

Dear YES member,

We invite you to submit an abstract to the IGC YES Symposium ‘Overcoming geoscience challenges in the 21st century by developing and improving the skills of early-career geoscientists’ (Theme 36, symposium 36.7).

You should note that this symposium is a part of the main IGC program and therefore abstract submission for this symposium will be governed by the same ‘rules’ as other IGC abstracts.
This means that:
- Abstracts must be submitted via the IGC abstract portal (; this involves a cost)
- Presenters may only give one oral presentation; they can however have both a talk and a poster (separate abstracts need to be submitted for each)
- Abstracts are due by 17 February 2012 (AUSTRALIAN TIME)
- Abstracts must be submitted using the correct template or they may be rejected outright

We recommended that you don’t leave your abstract submission until the last minute as many people do that and the servers can get overloaded preventing upload.

Finally, if you do have any problems submitting your abstract please contact the conference organisers (email provided) NOT the YES President.


YES Communications Support Team

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