Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The First Edition of the YES Bulletin is NOW ONLINE!

The YES Network has the pleasure to announce the release of the First Edition of its online FREE Journal. Please check it out:


Earth Science Education: A Necessary Tool for Development in Africa. A Product of the YES Africa 2011 Roundtable Discussion. I. Ddamba (Download)  p.5

Hydrostratigraphy. S. Mukherjee (Download)  p.10

Mount Bambouto Caldera (Cameroon Volcanic Line): Formation, Structure and Environmental Impact. G. Zangmo Tefogoum, D.G. Nkouathio, A. Kagou Dongmo, P. Wandji, M. Gountie Dedzo & F.M. Tchoua (Download)  p.14

Flanking Microstructures of the Zanskar Shear Zone, Western Indian Himalaya. S. Mukherjee (Download)  p.21

We would like to thank all who have participated in the release of the first edition of the YES journal and we invite YES members to submit their papers for future editions to the following e-mail address: networkyes.bulletin@gmail.com

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