Thursday, January 16, 2014

PhD opportunities in metamorphism and structure at Oxford

The Hard Rock Group at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford is offering three DPhil (PhD) project titles for 2014 entry under the NERC-funded Doctoral Training Partnership in Environmental Research:

1. Metamorphism, melting and structural evolution of the Himalayan crust; kyanite, sillimanite and cordierite-bearing migmatites of the Nepal Himalaya (Supervisors: Searle, Waters)

2. The P-T record in zoned garnet porphyroblasts, with application to the Himalaya and Karakoram (Waters, Searle)

3. The role of interface processes in prograde metamorphic change (Waters)

In addition there is an externally funded project “Structure, metamorphism of the North Oman thrust sheets, from Semail ophiolite to foreland fold-thrust belt” (Funded by Abu Dhabi Petroleum, Supervisors: Searle, Waters, M. Ali)

We’d be grateful if you could bring these to the attention of any students who might be interested. More information can be found on the Hard Rock Group’s web site, the Department web site and on the DTP site, where you can also find details of the application procedure.

Applications close on Jan 24th

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