Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Postdoctoral Research Associate in early Earth Dynamics

Durham University (UK) seeks a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher with geodynamical/geochemical modelling experience to study early Earth geodynamics, petrology and geochemistry.

This post is part of a EU-funded project MASE, ‘Modelling the Archaean Subduction Environment’, which aims to increase our knowledge in this research field by combining numerical models of subduction, tectonics and mantle dynamics with geochemical signatures in mantle and Archaean continental crustal rocks. The project will particularly focus on answers to the following two questions: ‘How did early Earth (plate) tectonics and subduction differ from its modern equivalent?’ and ‘In which petrological and geodynamical environment was Archaean continental crust formed?’.

The successful candidate will use and further develop numerical geodynamical-petrological models to examine the viability of modern-style plate tectonics and subduction processes and their observables. In particular, the post-holder will be setting up models for early Earth plate tectonics, mantle dynamics, and crust formation. The successful candidate will be working as part of a team of ~10 staff members, postdocs, and PhD students in the field of geodynamics and petrology.

The postdoctoral research position will be full-time, fixed term (two years), based at Durham University, UK, and starting in the Summer of 2014. The closing date for applications (via is 2nd March, 2014. More detailed information is available here. For any further questions, please contact me at

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