Thursday, June 12, 2014

I UCA International Summer School "Studying by the sea". Come and join us!

The I UCA International Summer School (UCA – ISS) blends formative and cultural activities, and an international character, all offered in Southern Spain by the University of Cadiz (UCA) and the International Campus of Excellence of the Sea cei·mar. It has been conceived as a summer forum where members of academia from all over the world may participate with the society of southern Europe in the exchange of knowledge, traditions, languages and cultures.

The I UCA International Summer School offers a specific academic programme centred in the sea, organized by EIDEMAR, the International Doctoral School of cei·mar. cei·mar is a consortium of universities and research centres that covers all different aspects on marine studies:  education, research, innovation, culture, etc.

The Academic Programme is primarily oriented to undergraduate (sophomores and seniors) and graduate (master and Ph. D.) students and it is divided into two independent courses:

  • Course I. Coastal Management and Ocean Processes (from 3rd to 11th July)
    • Block I. - Beaches: Everything you always wanted to know about then but were afraid to ask.
    • Block II. – Ocean acidification and biomineralizarion.
  • Course II. Biological Marine Resources Programme (from 14rd to 18th July)
    • Block III. – The amazing world of seaweeds: An unforgettable journey from biology to gastronomy.
    • Block IV. – Aquaculture in Southern Europe: Basic and applied aspects.
Both courses count with the participation of national and international lecturers and researchers from different Spanish and international universities and research centres.

Besides, the UCA-ISS offers in parallel a full calendar of cultural and educational activities and events for students.

All the information about fees, registration, administrative details, cultural activities and other useful information can be found in the following websites:

Inscription Dates: From 5th June to 1st July.

Contact Person:
Patricia Jordán Grimaldi, Internationalization Technician, International Campus of Excellence of the Sea. International Relations Office, Edificio Constitución 1812. Paseo Carlos III, nº 3, 2ª planta. 11003 - Cádiz. Tel +34956015682, E-mail: iss.uca-ceimar@uca-es

If you think any person might be interested, please do not hesitate to forward this message.

“Studying by the sea. Come and join us!”
INSCRIPTION: From 5th June to 1st July

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