Saturday, February 7, 2015

ICAM VII 2015 in Trondheim, Norway

The next meeting, 7th International Conference on Arctic Margins (ICAM VII), previously announced to be arranged in St. Petersburg, will be held 2nd-5th June 2015, in Trondheim, Norway. ICAM VII is hosted by the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), and will be held at Britannia Hotel in the city center of Trondheim.
ICAM: The International Conference on Arctic Margins (ICAM) is a forum for earth scientists who study the Arctic. ICAM was founded by the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in 1991 with the underlying themes of Arctic understanding and international cooperation in Arctic research. Since its very beginning ICAM has proved a successful arena to raise the geo-scientific knowledge of the Arctic and to foster cooperation and collaboration among Arctic researchers.
ICAM is organized, hosted, and conducted by scientists for scientists, which makes it a unique forum. Since its inception in 1991 six meetings have been held in Anchorage, Magadan, Celle, Dartmouth, Tromsø and Fairbanks.

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