Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raffle for AGI's Most Popular Publications!

Come share your thoughts about connecting geoscience graduate and employer needs at the YES Network-APECS town hall meeting today (7pm, Room 5), and you could win one of AGI's most popular publications: the Glossary of Geology or the Geoscience Handbook. To enter the drawing for the raffle, sign up on the YES Network sheet at the town hall meeting. The lucky winners will be drawn tonight and will be notified by email tomorrow. Prizes can be picked up at the AGI exhibit booth (59) at 3pm on Thursday. Thank you to the American Geological Institute for providing these prizes!

And the winners are...
... Todd Albert - Glossary of Geology
... Matheswaran Karthikeyan - Geoscience Handbook

Congratulations to both!

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