Monday, May 13, 2013

Announcement of 3rd GIRAF workshop from 23 through 27 September 2013 in Ghana

Dear YES Members,

I would like to announce and invite you warmly to the 3rd GIRAF workshop which will take place from September 23rd through the 27th in Ghana. The event will be organized by the CGI together with Australian Aid, UNESCO and BGR. The workshop will coincide with the centennial celebrations of the Geological Survey of Ghana who have kindly offered to host and locally organize the meeting.

The main topic will be Geoscience Information and Sustainable Mining and Mapping. However, contributions to all geoscience Information topics, in particular for Africa, are welcome.

Australian Aid and BGR are currently working together on the 5-day workshop programme. In addition, we are up-dating the GIRAF website ( where you can register to participate in GIRAF 2013 in early May. Our web administrator will send you an email as soon as the web form is online.

We are looking forward to the 3rd GIRAF workshop and look forward to hearing from new developments in your countries and organizations!

With Best Wishes,
Kristine Asch and Felix Toteo
GIRAF Coordinator and GIRAF Chair

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