Tuesday, April 1, 2014

International School on Crystallization (ISC2014): Drugs, agrochemicals, minerals, new materials (ISC2014), Granada (Spain) May 25-30th 2014

The School is organized by the Laboratory of Crystallographic Studies (CSIC / University of Granada) and supported by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr). ISC2014 will provide five days of lectures and practical demonstrations related to the crystallization of drugs, agrochemical industry, minerals, biominerals and new materials, covering from the fundamental aspects to their applications. Particular emphasis will be given to the crystallization of polymorphs, hydrates, cocrystals and chiral compounds.The school is an event of the International Year of Crystallography (IYCr2014).

The Deadline for Grants Application is 13th april 2014. We would appreciate if you could circulate this information to your colleagues and students.

For more information please visit the website: http://www.iscgranada.org/

Thank you for your attention and see you in Granada.

Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz & Jaime Gómez Morales

Organizing  Committee

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