Thursday, January 8, 2015

YES Network's Newsletter is Online!

Dear YES Members,

We are glad to send you a new issue of the YES Network's Newsletter. It is another special issue compiling the YES activities and news during the second semester of 2014, and the network's perspectives for the year 2015.
Last year has been a very busy year for the YES leadership, but we carry from it several successful events - including a global meeting (3rd YES Congress in Dar Es salaam, Tanzania), new partnerships and collaborations, and some great news concerning the future of the network.
1. YES Network Updates (page 3).
2. YES Network Annual Report (page 4-7).
3. 3rd YES Congress Report (page 6)
4. YES Congress Proceedings (page 8).
5. News from the Executive Board (page 9).
6. Crossing Boarders Article: Interview with Dr Nizar Ibrahim on the Discovery of Spinosaurus in the Moroccan Sahara (page 10-11)
7. YES Member Showcase: Amiya Kumar Samal (page 12).
8.  Leadership Opportunities: Send us your application now!  (page 13).
9. Geoscience Community News (page 14-15).

The newsletter is available for download on our website on the following link:
The YES Network Teams wish you a Happy and Successful New Year 2015! 

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