Wednesday, April 3, 2013

YES @ EGU: FREE Webinar on Geoethics and Natural Hazards: The role and responsibility of the geoscientists

The YES Network is co-convening the IAPG session NH9.8 “Geoethics and natural hazards: the role and responsibility of the geoscientists” this year at the EGU. During this session, an oral presentation will be given by the President of the YES Network, Meng Wang, about the YES perspective on Geoethics regarding Geohazards mitigation.

If you're participating this year in the EGU, feel free to join us in Room G7, on Tuesday 09th April 2013 at 08:30, if you're not on site, you can join us online through a FREE webinar hosted by the AGI, please visit the following link to register: .

See detailed programme for this session below:
Chairperson: Susan Kieffer and Silvia Peppoloni

Geoethical implications in the L'Aquila earthquake case

08:30–08:45 : The L'Aquila trial
Alessandro Amato, Massimo Cocco, Giovanna Cultrera, Fabrizio Galadini, Lucia Margheriti, Concetta Nostro, and Daniela Pantosti

Max Wyss

Meng wang, Amel Barich, and Silvia Peppoloni               

Thomas H. Jordan

Dario Albarello

Valentina Koschatzky, Katharine Haynes, and John McAnene


Chairperson: Silvia Peppoloni and Janusz Wasowski

Hazards mitigation: a geoethical perspective

Susan W. Kieffer

Elena Ferrero and Alessandra Magagna

Ruth Allington and Isabel Fernandez-Fuentes

Stefano Tinti, Alberto Armigliato, Gianluca Pagnoni, and Filippo Zaniboni

Eduardo Marone and Ricardo Camargo

Marco Mucciarelli

For the session link at the EGU please see the following link
Thank you and looking forward to seeing you online

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