Friday, September 20, 2013

Call for authors in YES Earth Science Book

Dear YES Members and Colleagues,
It is our great honor to invite submissions to the first YES Book Academic edition for special issue on Earth Science.
This special edition of the book is meant for the Senior secondary school and graduate college students. It focuses on the fundamentals of Earth Science, scope of the Earth science studies. A major section of educated society will also be the target readers of this special edition.
YES book will be published and housed by the  University of Tucuman, Argentina, under the INSUGEO Management. INSUGEO, Institute of Geological Correlation, is an academinc unit of University of Tucuman and the CONICET, the research council of Argentina. The series of the book will be indexed in EBSCO, Ulrich International Periodical Directory, Thomson Reuters ISI Master Journal List, Zoological Record, Gale Cencage Learning y Georef, Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ and Latindex.
Submission requirements:
We encourage all YES members to submit the proposals. Interested authors need to send the chapter proposal (not more than 500 words) via email to networkyes.secretary[at] with subject: YES Book Proposal.  A CV/Resume of the interested author is required to assess the experience in the same field.

A tentative list of topics include:
1.     About Earth Science
2.     What is Earth as a system? Tectonic paradigm; composition of inner Earth; rock types; Atmosphere; Ocean studies; Water cycle; Environment
3.     Earth’s origin and composition
4.     Different theories for the existence-including scientific, non-scientific, and religious belief.
5.     Different methods to study Earth or different fields of Earth Science (ES)
6.     What Earth Scientists do?
7.     History of Earth. How old is Earth? How Geologists, Palaeontologists, Geophysicists and geochemists determine the age of Earth. Periods – Systems. Stratigraphical chart.
8.     Palaeontological record and Life History.
9.     Earth and economy. Geographic approach. Mining. Hydrocarbons. Renewable and non-renewable resources, Sustainable development.
10.  Natural and geological hazards, Environments and Geological risks;  Risk Management and Prevention.
11.  Earth sciences at XXI century,  New approaches;  Importance and Frontier areas of research. 
12.  Earth: Quo vadis. Solar system exploration. New worlds?
13.  Case histories in different fields.
14.  Use of Information Communication Technology [ICT] in Earth Science

We are open to suggestions towards the addition or modification of tentative chapters. Kindly send your concerns to networkyes.secretary[at] Further guidelines will be communicated after receiving the proposals.

All the best,

Dr. Carlos A. Cónsole Gonella, PhD
INSUGEO (Instituto Superior de Correlación Geológica)
CONICET - Universidad Nacional de Tucumán                                            
Miguel Lillo 205 (4000)
San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina.
Tel.  + 54381 4236395 (120)   
Dr. Tanvi ARORA, PhD
CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road,
Hyderabad-500 007, India
T: +91 40 2701 2624 / 2701 2000 (Ext. 2624)

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  1. Is this a monthly magazine or a permanent book?
    please mention more details along with Deadlines and milestones of this.