Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PhD position in numerical modelling of seismic cycles in subduction zones

Main host institution: INSTITUTO ANDALUZ DE CIENCIAS DE LA TIERRA, Granada, Spain 
Main secondement Institution: ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland. 

The Instituto  Andaluz  de Ciencias  de la  Tierra (IACT) at Granada (CSIC and University  of  Granada) seeks to appoint a PhD student in Non-­lithostatic fluid (thermo)dynamics of subduction interface dehydration reactions. The successful applicant will join the IACT’s Petrology  and  Geochemistry  Research  Group  and  work  in  a  multi-­‐disciplinary  environment under the supervision of Dr. Carlos J. Garrido and Dr. Vicente López Sánchez-­Vizcaíno

Research: Investigation of the pressure, stress, and temperature evolution in natural systems undergoing metamorphic devolatilization reactions is essential for the reconstruction and understanding of the dynamic of fluid expulsion and volatile cycling in subduction zones and the influence of fluids release on seismic activity in these settings. The main objective of the PhD will be the investigation of the role of fluid dynamics in the thermodynamics and kinetics of metamorphic dehydration reactions by combining thermo-­‐mechanical modelling with petrological   and   geochemical studies  of  natural   analogs   with    special   emphasis  on serpentinite dehydration reactions.

Tasks: 1) Quantify the role of non-­‐lithostatic fluid pressure in controlling dehydration reactions at depth and implement modifications in current thermodynamic numerical codes for simple dehydration reactions, with a focus on serpentinite dehydration; 2) Petrological and geochemical study of natural analogs. Implement them in simple 1D thermo-­‐mechanical models to investigate their effects on metamorphic equilibrium and kinetics.  

Research   Methodology:   Structural   and   petrological   mapping,   metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, thermodynamic and thermo-­‐mechanical modelling. 

Candidate Profile: Candidates must hold an MSc in Earth Sciences, Geophysics or a related discipline. Experience in thermodynamics, geodynamics, metamorphic petrology, numerical modelling  and  programming  languages  is  highly advantageous.  See  below  for  further eligibility criteria requirement for participation in EU-­‐ITN projects. 

The successful candidate will be hired by the CSIC to work at the IACT, and will be enrolled in the Earth Science PhD Program of the University of Granada. The candidate will benefit from first-­‐class research facilities and the unique cultural and international environment of the University of Granada. The candidate will also spend at least 6 months at the ETH Zürich— the second mentor institution—working under de supervision of Prof. Jamie Connolly (thermodynamic modelling) and Prof. Taras Gerya (thermo-­‐mechanical modelling). The candidate will also collaborate with Dr. Benoit Dubacq (UPMC, Univ. Paris VI), as well as with others ZIP’s PhD students working on related research topics. 

For further information, please contact Dr. Carlos J. Garrido (, Prof. James             Connolly        (         or         Prof.         Taras         Gerya (

Expected starting date:  January-­‐June 2014.
 Deadline for application: October 15, 2013. 


The Zooming In between Plates Initial Training Network (ZIP-­ITN)

The  ZIP  ITN  is  a  collaborative  research  effort  between  10  European  universities,  12 industry partners and entails a total of 12 PhD positions and 2 postdoctoral fellows.

Successful  applicants in  the  ZIP  project  are  expected  to  participate  in  specific  project related meetings and benefits of specialized short courses offered as part of the ITN (ZIP  trainings).  To apply Candidates need to submit their CV, a letter of application, two letters of reference, and academic credentials (mark sheets and degree statements) through an online application facility hosted at the ZIP  website. The appointment is for a fixed term period of 36 months. Salary and monthly mobility allowances follow attractive/competitive E.U.  standard. There  are  no  restrictions  on  the  nationality  of  the  candidates,  however  some eligibility  restrictions apply concerning mobility and post graduate experience.

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