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 Faculty of Geology, Universitat de Barcelona

 SEPTEMBER 19TH-21ST, 2013

The Barcelona SGA Student Chapter organizes the Second BCN SGA Student Chapter Workshop.
This year, the activity will focus on Mineral deposits related to acid magmatism. 

It is addressed to students and young researchers interested in this type of ore deposits, as well as to professors, researchers and professional geologists who want to increase their knowledge and/or be up to date of the latest research on this topic. Therefore, the aim of this workshop is to provide an advanced overview of mineral deposits related to acid magmatism, including mineralogy, textures, petrology, geochemistry, and economic interest of these deposits.

This workshop includes an introductory lecture entitled “_Felsic magmatism and hydrothermal systems_” given by Dr. Bernd Lehmann and a one-day session [1] of lectures given by international specialists on this topic.

In addition, a one-day field trip to the Conca de Barberà area is prepared for Saturday 21th, leaded by Dr. Joan Carles Melgarejo. A few kilometres from the city of Barcelona, this zone is characterised by having plenty of interesting ore deposits outcrops, such as quartz-wolfram veins in hercynian granitoids, polymetallic sulphide mineralisations (Pb-Zn-Cu-Au-PGE-Bi-Te-As-Ni-Co-V-Cr), barite veins and XVIth century alum mines. Mineralogical and petrographical aspects of the ores and host rocks will be combined with geochemistry, fluid inclusion data and large-scale tectonics, in order to have a broad view of the visited ore deposits and their geological setting.

This workshop is open to everyone and international students are very welcome. Although there is no fee for the participation to the workshop, a pre-registration is required. The registration form is atached to this e-mail, and must be sent to before SEPTEMBER 15TH. Attendance to the field trip is 10 EUR for SGA student members and 20 EUR for non-members in order to cover transport expenses. Admittance to the field trip is limited to 25 participants (strictly by the order of registration), so register as soon as possible!

There is an accommodation program for students, which consists on places offered by some members of the Barcelona SGA Student Chapter in their student or family flats to accommodate foreign students for free. If you are interested in this option, please write us an e-mail at with "student accommodation program" as subject.

Further information about this activity will be published soon at Do not hesitate to contact us at:

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