Wednesday, September 25, 2013

YES Network to participate in the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum (29-31 October 2013 at UNESCO’s Headquarters in Paris)

Establishing a Youth Forum emerged as an important process in the creation of synergies between UNESCO’s work on youth, youth organizations and public institutions working on youth, thereby striving to create interaction between young women and men across the world, policy makers, the civil society, the private sector and the international community.

This year, around 500 young participants from all over the world will gather on the occasion of the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum, from 29 to 31 October 2013 at UNESCO’s Headquarters in Paris, to exchange views, share experiences, reflect together and, above all, identify common preoccupations and problems.

Three YES leaders have been nominated as Innovators by UNESCO and one of them will participate onsite to highlight their role in putting geoscience in the service of society and connecting young  earth-scientists worldwide.

Besides, all YES members are invited to participate online in the UNESCO Youth Forum discussion about “Youth and social inclusion: civic engagement, dialogue and skills development”. For information on how to register, please check out the following link

By taking part in the online discussion community, young men and women will be able to shape the way in which UNESCO’s Operational Strategy on Youth is to be implemented from 2014 to 2021.

In line with the three main axes of this Strategy, the topics for discussion are:
1.    Policy formulation and review with the participation of youth
2.    Capacity development for the transition to adulthood
3.    Civic engagement, democratic participation and social innovation

To read more about the online discussion forum, please visit the following page:

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